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  • Double-drum Dryer
    Double-drum Dryer

    Double-drum dryer is a direct type rotary dryer machine which is mainly composed of internal cylinder, external cylinder, carrier roller, tyre supporting device, transmission device, feeding and air intake and discharging and air outlet sealing device.

  • Three-drum Dryer
    Three-drum Dryer

    Three-drum dryer has compact structure, simple composition and reasonable layout, thus improving the heat exchange rate of materials and thermal energy and making the material drying effect better.

  • Clay Dryer
    Clay Dryer

    Clay dryer can be used for drying various raw materials such as mixed mortar, yellow sand, slag in cement plant, clay, gangue, mixture, coal ash, gypsum and iron powder in many industries such as building material, chemistry and casting.

  • Compound Fertilizer Dryer
    Compound Fertilizer Dryer

    Compound fertilizer dryer adopts computer automatic control, so that it can configure different drying temperature and drying time according to the specific drying requirement.

  • Raw Iron Filings Dryer
    Raw Iron Filings Dryer

    Raw iron fillings dryer is a dedicated drying machine researched and manufactured for drying metal powder waste and it can effectively reduce the water content containing in materials and get rid of oil pollution.

  • Granulating Slag Dryer
    Granulating Slag Dryer

    Grain slag is formed by rapid cooling after putting the blast furnace slag in the molten condition into water and the quenching methods can be divided into slag bath water quenching and stockhole water quenching.

  • Indirect Heat Dryer
    Indirect Heat Dryer

    Indirect heat dryer is widely used in such industries as building materials, metallurgy, chemistry and cement industry for drying slag limestone, pulverized coal, slag and clay. It has such features as compact structure, simple construction and reasonable layout.

  • Industrial Dryer
    Industrial Dryer

    Industrial dryer is able to make the materials completely and evenly distribute on the radial section of the dryer machine, so that the materials can be in the thin, even and complete state and completely contact the hot air, thus realizing full utilization of the heat energy.

  • Sand Dryer
    Sand Dryer

    Sand dryer is a drying machine able to process large quantities of materials. It has reliable running condition, elastic operation, strong adaptability and high handling capacity and is suitable for drying granulous materials.

  • Slag Dryer
    Slag Dryer

    Slag dryer is specially designed for drying various slag and ore powders. It has such features as changeable angle of the rotating blade and adjustable revolving speed of the spindle.

  • Coal Slime Dryer
    Coal Slime Dryer

    Coal slime dryer is a pretty mature drying machine suitable for drying slurry, sludge in coal mine, magnetic concentrate, heavy concentrate and flotation concentrate in metal and non-metallic mine as well as clay in cement industry.

  • Sawdust Dryer
    Sawdust Dryer

    The working flow of sawdust dryer goes like this: the spiral conveyor is used for continuously feeding the powdery wet sawdust into the dying tube, and the conveyance and dispersion of the high-speed hot air will evaporate the water containing in the wet materials, thus getting powdery or granulous dry products.

  • Desulfurization Gypsum Dryer
    Desulfurization Gypsum Dryer

    With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the government has tighter and tighter control on the emission of the sulfur dioxide in the coal-fired flue gas by power plants, so that desulfurization is imperative.

  • Lignite Coal Dryer
    Lignite Coal Dryer

    Rotary lignite coal dryer adopts low-temperature four-level drying technology and is able to evaporate the water of lignite to below 13% on the condition of maintaining the lignite to be dried unchanged.

  • River Sand Dryer
    River Sand Dryer

    River sand dryer is a drying machine that is able to process large quantities of materials. Due to its advantages such as strong production capacity, wide application range, small flow resistance and convenient operation, it is usually used as the ideal tool for drying sand, river sand, slag, coal cinder and silica sand.

  • Sludge Dryer
    Sludge Dryer

    Sludge dryer is widely used for drying active sludge, sewage sludge, petrochemical sludge, paper mill sludge, dyeing sludge, sludge from tannery, electroplating sludge, civil sludge, biological fermentation bacteria slag as well as various grain slag and other high-humidity materials.

  • Hot Air Dryer
    Hot Air Dryer

    The advantages of hot air dryer include direct heating, rapid drying, collapsible installation and space conservation.

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